EMRLD Shell 1.X

by: AbyssIsTheName

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EMRLD shell isn't so much a shell but more of a framework. In the same way that windows 1.0 all they way to xp were based on MsDOS, my operating systems i make, until i make or find something better, will basically just be a GUI to control this.
EMRLD shell comes pre-installed with market(Which is pointless cause you need to install market to get it unless you use pastebin.) nPaint, LuaIDE and many more things that you could easily install by hand!

once you get the installer, run it.
Reboot yah computer IG
and you are in! By default, when in the shell you can only execute commands found in a programs' directory made by me. Iff you wish to change this, type craftOS, type cd config and change what is in emrld.cfg to whatever path you want!
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#gjdig1 install 22 bytes Download View/Install
#gjdig0 V1,2 22 bytes Download View/Install
Feature Matrix:
Feature Required Optional Unused
Advanced Computer Unused
Advanced Monitor Unused
Computer Unused
Monitor Unused
Disk Drive Unused
Turtle Unused
Digging Turtle Unused
Felling Turtle Unused
Mining Turtle Unused
Wireless Turtle Unused
RedPower Support:
Feature Required Optional Unused
Bundled Cable Unused
ccSensors Support:
Feature Required Optional Unused
ccSensors Unused
MiscPeripherals Support:
Feature Required Optional Unused
Feeding Turtle Unused
Chunk Loader Turtle Unused
Laser Turtle Unused
Resupply Turtle Unused
Solar Turtle Unused
Shearing Turtle Unused
Compass Turtle Unused
Wrench Turtle Unused
Treetap Turtle Unused
Alchemist Turtle Unused
Sign Reader Turtle Unused
REther Turtle Unused
Tank Turtle Unused
Inventory Turtle Unused
Thaum Scanner Turtle Unused
MFFS Turtle Unused
RTG Turtle Unused
Charge Station Unused
Iron Note Block Unused
Resupply Station Unused
Interactive Sorter Unused
Gate Reader Unused
Rail Reader Unused
Nuclear Information Reader Unused
Turtle Teleporter Unused
Player Detector Unused
Computer Controlled Crafter Unused
Tree Analyzer Unused

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