Variable Size Quarry

by: civilwargeeky

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This quarry digs out a variable size rectangular hole

Huge Sized Quarries possible, the only restriction is how much fuel you can stuff in the turtle (and chunk loading)
Will always move to the proper position, will even attack mobs that get in the way!
Great for digging out rooms underground
Great for demolishing houses (use invert)
Deposits blocks into a chest when finished
Checks often to see if inventory is full
If inventory full, will go to a home chest to deposit blocks, then go right back where it was and continue mining
Session Persistence! Quarries will live through crashes and SSP
If it runs into bedrock, it will come back to start and tell you where bedrock was found.
Automatically checks if you have fuel disabled
Keeps a (somewhat) detailed record of what it mines
Will log mining runs for posterity when done (If you want)
While running, displays percent to completion and total blocks mined.
Very modular, many different things can be changed by config and arguments
Now can be fully automated from parent programs. Everything can be set from arguments
Intelligently tells you settings you have changed
Now has a companion program to place ladders all the way to the bottom. Here:
Now has a companion rednet program to give status updates when running. See below for current version
Will intelligently request fuel before mining, so it won't run out half way through.
Refuels quickly! You will fueled up and ready to go in no time!
Supports GPS networks. Is able to accurately get its position every time (If wanted)
Coming Soon:
Improved rednet program
Shell to control turtle
Maybe start quarries through rednet
Considering Ender Chest Support

Premium Project Mining Turtle Computer Monitor Wireless Turtle

Just install it as anything you want. The quarry goes on the mining turtle, the rednet program (optionally) goes on a computer and can be hooked up to a monitor.
Type "quarry help" (quarry being whatever you named it) to get help and examples on how to use this program to its full potential
If you have any questions, you are more likely to get a response here:

You can install using the "pastebin" program using the following links:
Version 3.2.1:
Note: 3.0.4 Rednet is compatible with 3.2.0, no need to update
Version 3.0.4 Companion Rednet Program:
Version 3.0.4 Companion Rednet Program (FTB Compatible):
Ladder Placing:
Key Filename Size Options
#gjdhrg quarry 37,458 bytes Download View/Install
#gjdhrh rednetReceiver 5,667 bytes Download View/Install
Feature Matrix:
Feature Required Optional Unused
Advanced Computer Unused
Advanced Monitor Unused
Computer Optional
Monitor Optional
Disk Drive Unused
Turtle Unused
Digging Turtle Unused
Felling Turtle Unused
Mining Turtle Required
Wireless Turtle Optional
RedPower Support:
Feature Required Optional Unused
Bundled Cable Unused
ccSensors Support:
Feature Required Optional Unused
ccSensors Unused
MiscPeripherals Support:
Feature Required Optional Unused
Feeding Turtle Unused
Chunk Loader Turtle Unused
Laser Turtle Unused
Resupply Turtle Unused
Solar Turtle Unused
Shearing Turtle Unused
Compass Turtle Unused
Wrench Turtle Unused
Treetap Turtle Unused
Alchemist Turtle Unused
Sign Reader Turtle Unused
REther Turtle Unused
Tank Turtle Unused
Inventory Turtle Unused
Thaum Scanner Turtle Unused
MFFS Turtle Unused
RTG Turtle Unused
Charge Station Unused
Iron Note Block Unused
Resupply Station Unused
Interactive Sorter Unused
Gate Reader Unused
Rail Reader Unused
Nuclear Information Reader Unused
Turtle Teleporter Unused
Player Detector Unused
Computer Controlled Crafter Unused
Tree Analyzer Unused

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great stuff, I like it

by wareformon01/08/2016 03:33:47 am

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