Void OS

by: Vilsol2000

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This is an open-source operating system, which is going to be almost like a duplicate of windows. It is going to have windows that are run in coroutines. Right now it has already a lot of functionality, but a lot more is coming soon!

Current features:
Icons - can have custom images and programs
MonIcons - like Icons but on monitors
Clock - Just for style
Basic games and programs
Rightclick API
Automatic updater
Custom wallpapers

Coming soon:
Application Store
Full window API
Control Panel
Cloud Storage
Account System

Advanced Computer Advanced Monitor

1. pastebin get a9Q45w5L install
2. Run the install
Key Filename Size Options
#gjdhq6 install 735 bytes Download View/Install
Feature Matrix:
Feature Required Optional Unused
Advanced Computer Required
Advanced Monitor Optional
Computer Unused
Monitor Unused
Disk Drive Unused
Turtle Unused
Digging Turtle Unused
Felling Turtle Unused
Mining Turtle Unused
Wireless Turtle Unused
RedPower Support:
Feature Required Optional Unused
Bundled Cable Unused
ccSensors Support:
Feature Required Optional Unused
ccSensors Unused
MiscPeripherals Support:
Feature Required Optional Unused
Feeding Turtle Unused
Chunk Loader Turtle Unused
Laser Turtle Unused
Resupply Turtle Unused
Solar Turtle Unused
Shearing Turtle Unused
Compass Turtle Unused
Wrench Turtle Unused
Treetap Turtle Unused
Alchemist Turtle Unused
Sign Reader Turtle Unused
REther Turtle Unused
Tank Turtle Unused
Inventory Turtle Unused
Thaum Scanner Turtle Unused
MFFS Turtle Unused
RTG Turtle Unused
Charge Station Unused
Iron Note Block Unused
Resupply Station Unused
Interactive Sorter Unused
Gate Reader Unused
Rail Reader Unused
Nuclear Information Reader Unused
Turtle Teleporter Unused
Player Detector Unused
Computer Controlled Crafter Unused
Tree Analyzer Unused

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