--[[ As seen in The ComputerCraft Challenge [youtube.com/bwochinski] This program will mine in vertical shafts down to bedrock, checking the walls of the shaft. Shafts are staggered so the turtle will view every block if the pattern is continued. Set "consoleID" to the id of a computer listening on rednet to get remote status messages. ** Prep the Turtle before running! ** Slots 1,2,3 are for blocks not to mine (smooth stone, gravel, dirt) Slot 15 is the block to backfill holes (recommend cobble) Slot 16 is for fuel ]]-- isWireless = false consoleID = 1 depth = 0 function fuel() if turtle.getFuelLevel() <= depth + 10 then turtle.select(16) turtle.refuel(1) if isWireless then rednet.send(consoleID,"Refueled. Fuel level: "..turtle.getFuelLevel()) end end end function isValuable() if turtle.detect() == false then return false end for i=1,3 do turtle.select(i) if turtle.compare() then return false end end return true end function checkWalls(dp) for j=1,4 do if isValuable() then if isWireless then rednet.send(consoleID,"Found ore at depth "..dp) end turtle.dig() end turtle.turnRight() end end ------ ( Program Start ) ------ if isWireless == true then rednet.open("right") end term.clear() term.setCursorPos(1,1) print("Ben's Simple Turtle Miner") print("-------------------------") term.write("Go on mining run? (y/n): ") while read() == "y" do depth = 0 print("Commencing mining.") if isWireless then rednet.send(consoleID,"Commencing mining.") end fuel() turtle.digDown() for st=1,2 do turtle.down() depth = depth + 1 turtle.digDown() end -- plug entrance hole turtle.select(15) turtle.placeUp() while not turtle.detectDown() do fuel() turtle.down() depth = depth + 1 if isWireless and depth%10==0 then rednet.send(consoleID,"At depth "..depth) end checkWalls(depth) turtle.digDown() end if isWireless then rednet.send(consoleID,"Moving to next shaft location...") end for mv=1,6 do fuel() turtle.up() depth = depth - 1 end -- move forward 2 blocks for z=1,2 do fuel() while not turtle.forward() do turtle.dig() sleep(.8) end end -- turn right and move one block turtle.turnRight() fuel() while not turtle.forward() do turtle.dig() sleep(.8) end turtle.turnLeft() -- go down to bedrock turtle.digDown() while not turtle.detectDown() do fuel() turtle.down() depth = depth + 1 turtle.digDown() end if isWireless then rednet.send(consoleID,"Returning to surface!") end for k=depth,3,-1 do checkWalls(k) turtle.digUp() fuel() while not turtle.up() do turtle.digUp() sleep(.5) end if isWireless and k%10 == 0 then rednet.send(consoleID,"At depth "..k) end end fuel() turtle.digUp() turtle.up() turtle.digUp() turtle.up() -- fill exit hole turtle.select(15) turtle.placeDown() turtle.forward() turtle.forward() turtle.turnRight() turtle.forward() turtle.turnLeft() term.write("Go on mining run? (y/n): ") end print("Cancelled mining.") if isWireless then rednet.close("right") end

shaftmine #gjdh01

bwochinskiBen's Sidekick Miner

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Install our market:

pastebin get w1RtfqFd market

The HTTP API must be enabled.

Step 2

Pull down the file:

market get gjdh01 shaftmine y
*y = override file

Step 3

Profit! Run file:


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