print("Clearing Quicksand!") ---------------------- --Clearing Functions-- ---------------------- function digRow() turtle.digDown() turtle.forward() turtle.digDown() turtle.forward() turtle.digDown() end function turnRight() turtle.turnRight() turtle.forward() turtle.turnRight() end function turnLeft() turtle.turnLeft() turtle.forward() turtle.turnLeft() end function digLayer() digRow() turnRight() digRow() turnLeft() digRow() turtle.turnLeft() turtle.turnLeft() end ---------------------- --Filling Functions--- ---------------------- function fillRow() turtle.placeDown() turtle.forward() turtle.placeDown() turtle.forward() turtle.placeDown() end function fillLayer() fillRow() turnRight() fillRow() turnLeft() fillRow() turtle.turnRight() turtle.turnRight() end ---------------------- --Actual Program------ ---------------------- digLayer() turtle.down() digLayer() turtle.down() digLayer() print("Filling!") fillLayer() turtle.up() fillLayer() turtle.up() fillLayer() print("Done!")

quicksandDig #gjdgz2

by Alleluid3x3x3 Quicksand Dig

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Install our market:

pastebin get w1RtfqFd market

The HTTP API must be enabled.

Step 2

Pull down the file:

market get gjdgz2 quicksandDig y
*y = override file

Step 3

Profit! Run file:


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