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Smallest Secure Password Door by Dandacion

This is a simple password that triggers redstone output. However this script also disables the Terminate commands so players will be unable to use ctrl+T to stop the script and break into your base.

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Door Lock by Feleren

Door Lock

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Premium Project

Easy To Understand Door Lock BeastGamerHD

This is a simple and Easy to understand door lock. Just Copy the code into a new program and set the password to what you want through editing it. This works on All Computers.

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Advanced Computer Computer

Player Detector Door Lock FreePaidRemake

A simple player detector door lock. RIght click the player detector, if your username is on the list... The computer will power a side and open the door.

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Computer Player Detector Advanced Computer

Password Door jjoonn56

A simple program for a password locked door.

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Easy Setup Door Lock Ragestorm999

Door password locking program that allows for very easy setup the first time it runs

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BetterDoor Programan7

Wireless door opening system with multiple accounts!

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Computer Disk Drive Advanced Computer

MIZEco Labs Launch Door Control M_I_Z_E

The Launch Door Control program was first used in “Episode 38: Secret Project Preparations!” of MIZEco Labs.

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Simple Door Lock Script by Lutraxxyo

This is a very simple Door Lock Script

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Computer Advanced Computer

Advanced password troll door Mantoku

An advanced password door I created. Includes console password, ability to add multiple passwords, and a trap for when an incorrect password is entered. The way it works is no matter what password is entered, the door will open. However, only the correct password will keep the trap from...

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Advanced Computer Computer Advanced Monitor Monitor